The Right Wing’s white supremacist bible

The Right Wing’s white supremacist bible: Exercise of religion as a defense against business discrimination is an outgrowth of centuries of white supremacy. As late as the 1950s the US was a bastion of bigotry. Intimidated women, blacks and gays “knew their place” in an everyday world dominated by privileged white American males. Today with civil rights legislation opening the doors for equal pay, equal rights, and equal opportunity, white supremacists are banding together to try to use the exercise of religion as an defense against business discrimination. Right-wing conservatives declare that they are trying to reclaim a lost America, something that they loved, and something, which the loss of which should make the rest of us feel afraid. Full of anxieties over civil rights changes, white supremacists are watching their idyllic world crumble under the onslaught of a constitutional right of equality for all. Fox typifies the huge popularity of taking the position of white angst. Passing legislation did not make an intolerance A bigot animal cannot change its spots. Children are continually brought up to be intolerant by their parents, their teachers and their preachers, continuing to spread intolerance like a sick disease. Religion is just another excuse for the exercise of selfishness by a white supremacist society. Once a bigot, always a bigot. You can’t teach an old bigot new beliefs. All the rest of us can do is to vote intolerance––religious, racial, or otherwise––out of power. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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