Unions are vital

Unions are vital: As little as sixty years ago, millions of American employees of American worked seven days a week; without overtime pay, health insurance, sick pay, pensions, or job security. Joining a union was the only alternative to exploitation. Congress favored business. Big money spent millions to demonize labor. The public resented work stoppage. Only the employee who got a fairer deal by negotiation appreciated unionization. Most American workers are not part of a union. Instead of organizing, they resentfully side with whoever signs their checks even against their own interests. Employers who face a strike can ride it out. Losses from lockouts are pennies on the dollar, passed on to the consumer in higher prices. Employees who chose to fight a system rigged against them need savings double the amount of lost wages. In 1963 Congress passed the Equal Pay Act supposedly guaranteeing women would receive pay equal to a man for doing the same job. In 2015, women still receive $.70 cents for every dollar men are paid for the same work. The reality of unequal pay sixty years after a law is passed shows how little Congress believes in the rights of workers, especially women. Republicans, the wealthy, and corporations want to kill unions literally stealing the rights of millions of Americans. Resenting union organizing is like cutting off your nose just to spite your face. How you vote is who you are. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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