Genocide Politics

Genocide Politics: “Drive a stake through its heart,” said Michael Greve of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, funded by Koch, in response to the Affordable Care Act. When CEI lawyers met to find a fatal flaw, Greve declared, “This bastard has to be killed for political hygiene. I do not care if it is dismembered, staked through the heart, or tarred and feathered and driven out of town.” Four words were found among ten thousand pages that could leverage descent to the Supreme Court. King versus Burwell was designed to murder the idea that helping folks interfered with excessive profits. In the ACA subsidies would be given through state exchanges. Thirty-four states opted out of state exchanges, but the Act did not specify “only” through state agencies. CEI lawyers claim what is not stated cannot be inferred. The ACA, was longest Congressional deliberation in American history. No member of congress ever tendered the idea that subsidies would, could or should not be provided outside state exchanges. In minor technicalities of the past, laws were always reworded once in operation. Out of pure unadulterated mean-mindedness, the courts is being asked to actively legislate Congressional intent. If subsidies are ruled out, immediately, seven and a half million insurance policies will be cancelled. Immediately, insurance companies will raise rates to cover losses. Immediately, tens of millions of regular policy will begin the process of cancellation. States, insurance companies, hospitals, physicians and nursing associations have filed group actions to oppose the impending catastrophe. Nineteen leading health schools have estimated that ten thousand Americans will die unnecessarily, this year alone, as a result of the insurance fall out. The shame of so-called Americans is that they despise health reform so much they are willing to destroy thousands of lives and disrupt millions more on the theory that private enterprise trumps the spirit of America, the voice of the people and ultimately the very rule of law.

Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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