Charity less effective than Public Welfare

Charity less effective than Public Welfare: Conservatives laud charity while condemning Public Welfare based on mistaken beliefs. Charity brings temporary relief. Public Welfare lifts poor people out of poverty. Charity is the traditional way of dealing with poverty for millenniums. Under charity, poverty has become an institution. Charity does not deal with the problem, but only covers over its symptoms. To Conservatives, charity is tradition; give a little and ignore the guilt. Public Welfare is new. Conservatives hate it without understanding what they hate. Charity has failed to end poverty let alone reduce it number. Poverty, on the other hand, is finally declining under Public Welfare. A century ago, 25% of the population had always been considered below the poverty line. Today, Poverty is less than 16% and dropping faster since the 1960s. Conservatives complain that Public Welfare is full of bureaucratic waste. That is more conservative baloney, reinforced by mistaken beliefs. A good example is the charity, Cars 4 Causes, one of many smaller charities under investigation by the US Attorney General. In their website, C4C claimed less than 5% of donations went to management and general expenses. Independent investigation showed 25% of the sale price went to the auction company and the other 75% paid for towing, title exchange, salaries, rent, insurance and advertising. Only high margin vehicles passed monies to the donator or needy cause.  It is easy to rag Public Welfare. Charity eases guilt. But charity will never end poverty.  A helping hand to pull you up is more humane than the hopelessness of community dole. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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