Fired American Workers Train Foreign Replacements

Fired American Workers Train Foreign Replacements: Don’t tell me about illegals taking jobs from American workers. California Edison is firing thousands of American workers and filling their jobs with low-pay visa workers from India. Google and Microsoft have tens of thousands of foreign workers on low-pay visas taking jobs away from Americans. US business whines we are not graduating enough high-tech engineers, but then uses fired American workers to train their low-pay replacements. US business whines about lack of labor then cuts education budgets using the extra profits to elect Republicans to Congress. US business politicizes government education as socialism and then hires low-pay workers whose education is subsidized by a socialist government. Two-faced pro-business policies are promoted by Republicans who lobby for tax cuts for business and budget cuts for workers, while hiding behind pseudo-patriotic politics. You are how you vote, profits or people. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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