Dependence is Citizenship

Dependence is Citizenship:  “Reliance” is the newest term the GOP is using to condemn government service programs. Citizens who rely on Medicaid, however, are no different than businessmen who rely on government secured bank loans. Reliance or dependence, however, is a function of Democracy.  Government exists for the purpose of helping all citizens prosper. Success is never achieved by individuals. Everyone relies, and yes, depends on government support. Liberals and Conservatives both recognize “dependence.” Conservatives, however, want to think support is limited to family, social networks and community. Liberals feel government is there to help all citizens do what they cannot do as individuals. Under “limited support,” Conservatives can control the accumulation of wealth, conserve power, establish social rules, and exclude anyone who do not suit them. States Rights, for example, has always been a Conservative power issue.  Through “little democracy,” affluent locals have created socially subordinated local communities. States Rights foments social class systems. Federal Rights fight to keep class systems from dominating society. Americans fought a Revolution against accumulated wealth, the entrenched divine right of kings, and the power of privilege. But some Americans never did and still do not want to destroy “taxation without representation,” they merely want the rights of accumulated wealth only for the privileged like themselves.  Today’s GOP represents accumulated wealth. To maintain control and increase wealth they demonize government services, making them appear as if they lead to a society of “hand outs,” yet readily depend on government to secure their bank loans, provide police protection,  and guarantee huge mortgage deductions.” Accumulated wealth has the money, controls the media, and dominates the message. The only way to compete against wealth is to vote. Fairness is not what the GOP refers to as a Liberal cheap trick. Equal opportunity for all is vital for a worthwhile Democracy.  Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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