Selling Out American Values

Selling Out American Values: “One man, one vote,” a clarion call as clear today as when colonists demanded it from the King; the idea of no taxation without representation, however, no longer exists in the minds of average Americans. Money owns and runs America and we need further evidence that money runs the government, we have Republicans once again raising the maximum individual donations to elected officials from $32,000–already beyond the average citizen––to $320,000, the rarified air of the truly wealthy. According to our current conservative-biased Supreme Court, money is a US citizen and money can vote. Because money can vote and whoever has the most money has the most votes, the average-income citizen no longer has any real say in government. Elections are therefore a sham. Less than 18% of the nation voted in the last election, Hoodwinked by money voters stayed home or voted for no-government Republicans. Consider the recent laws offered the Republican controlled Congress with a hidden attachment to do away with the Dodd-Frank non-partisan Act ending “too big to fail.” Once again, Republicans were freeing financial institutions to engage in the same high-risk investments as the mortgage fraud that caused the Great Republican Recession. In response to Republican shenanigans, giving one of the nation’s great historical speeches, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren vilified the notorious hidden Republican attachment as Republican payback to Wall Street instead of representing Main Street. Alabama Senator Lindsey Graham chided Warren, calling the subterfuge, Democracy. In reality the non-partisan Dodd-Frank Act is real Democracy in action, and hidden attachments subvert honest government, especially when made under the threat of a government shut down, and are not but the tactics of swindlers like Graham to defraud the American public of its right to vote. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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