White Privilege America

White Privilege America: Most White people are so used to the special privileges of being White, (as in not Black or Latino) they are oblivious of the fact that such advantages exist, and when advised of such, display incredulity and continue to ignore the facts. As a percentage of the total population, White Americans are much more likely to have a job––any job let alone a good one, own a home let alone a mortgage worth more than $l00K, live in a decent neighborhood let alone with good neighbors, send their children off to school everyday let alone to a decent school nearby, have adequate medical insurance let alone insurance that covers high-cost medicine, have a high school education let alone a college education, be awarded a scholarship (outside sports), have a savings account, own stocks, not be commonly stopped by police profiling, and not found to have lost what little savings they had during the Great Republican Recession, where (unlike White Americans) Black and Latinos in 2014 dropped to lower economic levels than pre-2008. Today’s median wealth of White America is 13 times higher than that of Black America, up from 8 times higher in 2010. A Black person cannot just get a higher education, take on two jobs, buy just any house and move into a better neighborhood, when—regardless of the law—decisions are based on skin color rather than potential. The economic playing field of White Privilege America is not only titled toward Whites, it’s as steeply inclined as a Mt. Improbable. The first step to reducing racial unrest is a decent job. There will never be a racially free American culture until everyone has decent employment (not an just an equal opportunity, but an actual job with living wages). Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA

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