Victory of Failure

Victory of Failure:  Since 2010 the number one Republican priority for the Obama Presidency was America’s failure. The new black President was hated so much that Republicans were willing to see the entire country suffer rather allow a black man to succeed, smugly reasoning voters would forget who caused the suffering and blame failure on the Presidency. The Republicans voted for nothing and against everything, offered no alternatives and suggested no improvements. Republicans voted against economic recovery, against unemployment support, against new job development, against healthcare reform, against immigration reform, against lowering tuition costs, against financial reform, against climate controls, against veteran medical reform, the list of negative votes goes on and on. The Republican House of Congress submitted the least amount of legislation of any congress in U.S. History, while voting for the repeal of Obamacare fifty times. Instead of working for America, the Republican agenda was to malign and misinform, lie and ignore accusations, obstruct and defund. To steal elections, Republicans restricted the voting rights of almost sixteen million Americans, most of whom would have voted for Democratic opponents. Scandal mongering, bigotry, intolerance and white supremacy were held to be Republican ideals; no compromise rather than allow progress, Republican political policy. Republicans got Scotus to make big money into free speech to scream Obama was another word for lost white power. Ebola and ISIS were meshed into fear of immigrants and terrorism on the home front. 37% of the voting public went to the poles. The lowest voter turnout since 1942. Never in the history of this great nation has one political party condemned the entire country to failure in order to win back political power, thus we dine on the grapes of wrath while Republicans celebrate a glorious Pyrrhic victory. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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