Can abortion be an act of love?

Can abortion be an act of love?

Abortion can be said to show that humans have made progress rising above their base animal instinct to replicate. Throughout history millions of women have aborted billions of pregnancies for reasons of health, social demands, and economic sanctions. Abortion has always been commonplace, accepted, and easily facilitated. The bible never mentions abortion. Not until recently, when religious zealots saw the political power of the issue has abortion become of public interest. Despite how antiabortionists demonize it, abortion has historically never been considered inhumane, tragic or selfish. Only with the sudden religious upsurge of so-called “Christian” values has abortion been condemned, demonized and ostracized. And to make matters worse, not until abortion was made into a power issue was abortion stigmatized as immoral or an act of murder. In fact the very idea of considering abortion as the murder of young children is disgustingly a demagogic instrument of political voter herding. Through constant religious and political propaganda, abortion has become the cause celeb false argument to persuade the ignorant to give money for a false cause. Clear logic, minus nouveau religious-political beliefs, clearly shows abortion is a human necessity. Abortion is about women’s health not about zygotes. Abortion is not about pain to unborn. Zygote fanatics who really cared about pain would praise abortion. No, abortion is all about religious-political power, about primitive intolerance, and an immoral justification for selfishness. Restrictions to contraception increase abortions. Restrictions to abortion mean quack doctors, poisonous medications, and self-mutilation. Current restrictions endanger the health of nine out of every ten women. A woman’s health is absolutely essential to herself and to her family. Necessary abortions are good for a woman and show her love for her family. Instead of blindlessly following our animal instincts to replicate, every woman must be able to make her own decisions about what is best for her own health. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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