Poverty is essential to wealth.

Poverty is essential to wealth. Poverty exists because Conservatives have confined poverty to culturally invisible cheap labor concentration camps. Conservatives accomplish this detention by labeling poverty as personal failure; the poor are poor because they have failed not to be poor. Failure is their own fault. Conservatives justify failure by selling themselves on the self-serving notion that the road to prosperity is through education and the social myth that education is available to everybody. In reality, a good education is available to those who can afford it and a better education is available to those few who can afford a better education. Conservatives claim poverty is no excuse for low grades, but in reality, poverty is the major the reason for poor grades. Conservatives claim test scores prove achievement, but in reality, test scores correlate directly to wealth. Conservatives reason that money spent on poor schools yields nothing but poor performance, so why waste money on failure? But again, in reality, success proves that money determines performance, and because the poor are expected to fail, lack of effort not poverty is produced as evidence. Wealth determines family assistance, tutoring, a positive home, family and neighborhood environment, access to good schools and good teachers, adequate nourishment, help with homework, avoidance of gangs, distractions, dope and dangers, access to extra curricular activities, equipment, musical instruments, funding for trips and rewarding life experiences. Poor neighborhoods do not have home ownership, tended lawns, gentrified housing, bike lanes, jogging paths, yoga classes, and children in painted crosswalks. Without jobs, parents, pride, or privilege, the poor start out in a hole, redlined, zip-coded, and invisibly barb-wired with do-not-enter, not allowed, and “what are you on my street?” mentality. Poverty is at the bottom of a titled field of competition, fettered with higher costs and fewer resources. Adversity may motivate a few to overcome poverty, but in reality lack of equal opportunity drags everyone and everything it touches down with it.  Prosperity is not hard work but a matter of inherited wealth; wealth-building contacts, support, environment, and resources. Talent and perseverance help––but most success is simply a matter wealth or luck. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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