Criticism instead of Cowboyism

Criticism instead of Cowboyism:  Good nations need organizing principles like, “Don’t do stupid stuff.” It is incredible how we can get it wrong so often: Ike backed CIA regime change that brought us the Ayatollahs. Kennedy’s Bay of Pigs almost went nuclear. Johnson methodically sold Vietnam escalation. Nixon turned Latin America against the U.S. ousting Allende in Chile while ignoring genocide in Cambodia. Reagan armed Saddam and then Bush disarmed him destabilizing the entire Middle East. Under Reagan, Cheney warmed the Middle East was a tar patch. Rumsfeld insisted Iraq would be a “cake walk. Along side Bush, Cheney made billions off war profiteering. Just yesterday Tweedle Dee John McCain wanted to “bomb, bomb, bomb Iran. His verbal partner, Tweedle Dum Lindsay Graham has called for regime changes on demand. While Rick Perry is hunting Islamists infiltrating the Mexican border and Rand Paul is performed eye surgery in Guatemala to present his international bona fides on foreign policy, Obama is mocked by sideline peashooters as hesitant and vacillating. It’s a mistake to dismiss caution as weakness. How long do we keep on making mistakes mouthing off without deliberation? The Middle East is a tar pit. Fighting over there instead of over here still kills Americans, creates Islamic martyrs and escalates future danger. Cheney and Bush broke it and we can’t fix it with firepower. The American guns shipped Middle East allies are being sold to the enemy to kill American soldiers. Cowboy hock and owe is political shuck and jive when used to resolve problems. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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