Why are Republicans in Congress afraid to act?

Why are Republicans in Congress afraid to act?  In August, 2013, the President asked Congress to approve bombing chemical weapons in Syria. Congress did not debate the issue and did not offer any solutions, it simply did not respond. Fortunately for the world, the State Department negotiated the peaceful removal and destruction of these weapons of mass destruction. What if ISIS had gotten hold of chemical weapons. Over the past year, Republican members of Congress have repeatedly taken to the press the idea that the President should initiate military action against Syria, rising terrorism, ISIS, and Libya, while at the same time other Republicans were railing against a tyrannical presidency that waged war without Congressional consent. Why doesn’t Congress act? Why doesn’t Congress suggest warring on increased terrorism? Why doesn’t Congress wage war on ISIS? Why does Congress want the President to act on military emergency matters that are the prerogative of Congress? Republicans want war, but don’t want to be caught asking for war. Republican senators and representatives are constantly telling the President to bomb Russia, bomb Syria, and bomb ISIS, but they don’t want to be caught formally war mongering to the American public. House Speaker Boehner says he is too busy doing nothing. His job, he says, is to wind up the Monkey Clapper. Why doesn’t the Republican House have an opinion on ISIS? Why do House Republicans grumble about Obama’s weak response to Putin invading the Ukraine, but won’t take a stand themselves? Why are Republicans trying to make everyone else responsible for their own congressional shortcomings?

Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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