Conservatives Court Corruption

Conservatives Court Corruption                                                                                     Running for office costs money. For the past century, Congress has investigated anything (if not everything) that appears to involve corruption of campaign financing. Since Roberts, SCOTUS has ruled that corporations are people, money is speech, and money for speech is protected by the First Amendment. Roberts writes: “Congress may not regulate contributions simply to reduce the amount of money in politics…Congress can only target ‘quid pro quo’ bribery.” To a conservative court, the blatant fact that large amounts of money buys elections is irrelevant. Conservatives believe that money should allow access to legislation and that is how conservative commerce works. What you and I see as corruption, SCOTUS calls business as usual. Roberts writes: “Any other regulation of campaign financing is unconstitutional…(otherwise) Congress will have to amend the First Amendment.” Money to conservatives is for the expression of power. America, however, was founded on a revolution against accumulated wealth and power. Since then major battles have been waged against government takeover by corporate wealth under the administrations of Presidents Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt. Since Reagan, once again the public is losing the battle over wealth and power due to SCOTUS’ conservative legislative activism. Legislation that has set precedent for centuries is now out the window based on the interpretations of a loaded conservative court. The evil of wealth is not a figment of second-rate minds. Lack of success is not necessarily failure. Unregulated money is the root of all evil. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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