It seems like Conservatives want you to hate government

It seems like Conservatives want you to hate government:  It seems like the more the American public loses trust in government, the more Conservatives feel they benefit politically. Many citizens gripe all the time about government waste, bureaucracy, fraud, and slowness, but it seems like Conser- vatives complain about government all the time. Seldom does anyone take the time to consider the many good things we citizens have as a result government.

Without the founders new ideas of government there would be no Constitution, the most liberal of any constitution to date. Without our freedom loving Constitutional amendments there would be no freedom of religion, no freedom of the press, no freedom of opportunity for all citizens to prosper. Without government legislation there would be no public education, no women’s right to vote, no emaciation proclamation, no child labor laws, no minimum wage, no work benefits or vacation time, no civil rights, no regulations against smoking, leaded gas, acid rain, and poisonous chemical, no disease control, no police, firefighters, not even a standing army for national defense. All of these things came from government by way of voters pressing for legislation.

Business and commerce did not make America great. Consumer demand and an abundance of national resources made us the richest country in the world. Everything good we have, including our high standard of living comes through having a government that allows all its citizens to participate by voting. Business does not provide jobs. No business could exist without consumer demand. No business would start up if there were no customers. No business could operate without the consent of the citizens who own the national infrastructure, commercial rights, and make the laws. Business is a privilege of citizenship that can be revoked at any time by the public. And no business or wealthy interests can control government unless our very liberal voting laws are restricted.

Conservatives seem to feel Business and not Consumers are the reason for prosperity. Perhaps this is because Conservatives are put in office by the proceeds of profit. When Reagan announced that government is bad for America he was playing on the heartstrings of those Americans who listen to gripers and gossipers. Whiners always complain and seldom do anything positive to resolve issues. Reagan’s conservative policies (Rhinos by today’s conservatives) are the cause of the hardship we face today. The only difference is that stagnant wages with skyrocketing profits, joblessness, overseas tax havens, and corporate funded Fox and the Tea Party have replaced the Faustian agreement with Southern segregationists. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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