Corporations stealing trillions from taxpayers

Corporations stealing trillions from taxpayers              The Treasury Department estimates that American corporations are not paying two trillion dollars, annually in taxes, and the abuse is growing. These are American corporations which benefit from United States business locations with intellectual U.S. property rights, U.S. government research and development, U.S. highly rated investment climate, and all levels of U.S. infrastructure; communications, streets and highways, air space, police and fire protection, national defense––all benefits of being an American Corporation, which have to be paid for by other taxpayers. This is not just tax abuse it is anti-patriotic, unethical, and immoral. Corporations get all the American privileges, but according to Republicans, are really just good business practices. Ordinary citizens cannot change their address to an overseas summer home to not pay taxes. Republicans think it is good business to take the privileges, to live and work and be an American, and then not pay the cost of living in America. Next time you vote let the Republicans see true taxpayer patriotism, vote to end Republican sponsored corporate welfare. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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