Obamacare Republican Reversal

Obamacare Republican Reversal:  Opponents spent over half a billion dollars to destroy Obamacare ($27 million by congress to promote) with lies, hate and death panels. To date, however, 11 million uninsured Americans (almost 40% of the total in 2012) have signed up for private healthcare insurance and this is only the first year. Republicans who polled as high a 70% totally anti-Obamacare now report 75% find Obamacare satisfactory. Experts believe tens of thousands of Republicans signed up for Obamacare expecting to take advantage of crash disaster. 25 states are making the most of the new private insurance programs. Republican controlled states refusing to allow healthcare reform represent the greatest concentrations of America’s uninsured. To date California has insured more than half those previously without premiums. Nationwide more than 50% sign ups have already paid initial premiums. Those aged under 35 have increased the most. Only 5% complain not having their previous doctors. Only 9% say they are unsatisfied. Obamacare represents the largest decline in healthcare uninsured in U.S. history. Figures are from Gallup, Commonwealth Fund and the Urban Institute and are in line with those published by the Congressional Budget office.

Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA

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