Anti-Obamacare White Supremacists

Anti-Obamacare White Supremacists

The latest non-partisan statistics prove Obamacare is materially reducing the number of insured and lowering healthcare costs of premiums and medicine overall. White supremacists are angry and bitter. A black President cannot be competent, therefore, the facts are wrong. They point to complainers who say their premiums have gone up ignoring they were in good health before and most of their benefits were illusionary. Many complainers argue the new program is causing confusion. With billions still being spent to destroy Obamacare, is it any wonder there is confusion. After all most people never chose their own insurance, never read their own premiums, and never paid their own medical bills. Most complainers never dealt with co-pays, out-of-pocket minimums, and doctor exchanges. But the facts are in. Anti-Obamacare fanatics have failed. Obamacare reforms are winners: Obamacare has banned preconditions, closed the Medicare drug gap, provided tax credits for small business coverage, extended the years children can be under parent plans, banned being dropping for high risk, and expanded Medicaid for everybody. Most polls show 65% or more Americans approve of these Obamacare reforms. But white supremacists can’t accept the idea of a black President’s success. Fox fanatics don’t care if people are being helped. They hate Obama and Obamacare and that is all that is important. Success, however, is changing the hate rhetoric. Now, “its giving to the poor by taking from us; blatant socialism.” But socialism is what insurance is all about. Insurance socialism is an American value. Since 1930, insurance has always serviced benefits according to need; always provided for the poor, the sick and the elderly. Employer healthcare is socialism for workers. Social Security and Medicare are socialism. Insurance by its very nature means that everyone with a premium pays into a fund and receives services according to their needs. Vituperation, defamation, racism, ignorance and hate won’t stop progress. But listening to white supremacist slander is the price we have to pay to get things done. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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