A good guy with a gun is a killer waiting to happen

A good guy with a gun is a killer waiting to happen:  Gun fanatics argue that more people carrying guns would lessen crime. They want people to believe that a good guy with a gun would keep the bad guys from killing people. The error of just such a conclusion is the poor judgment even the average person uses to determine what constitutes a “good guy.” The largest category of U.S. homicides includes those committed after trivial altercations by average people: insults, curses and jostling. One party is humiliated, leaves, returns with a gun, and commits murder. The shooter is written off as an animal or madman, but neighbors know him as a “really nice guy.” The logic of carrying a gun in public is the implicit threat of murder. The reality is that a man with a gun behaves as if a lot more is at stake than an insult. Men want to be known as “the guy you can’t push around.” A man carrying a gun depends on a credible reputation of violence. Conflicts of interests are epidemic for those whose reputation depends on honor. The “good guy” that gun fanatics’ so highly esteem, is potentially a doomsday machine. “Men of honor” is a useless tradition––similar to rutting in animals––that resolves conflicts at the point of a gun. A society of honor codes end with youngsters growing up needing to kill someone to be considered a man. We have a choice. We can be society of pool hall avengers or provide the state with what is needed to resolve crime. Open gun laws are fantasy and not a civilized solution. A culture of open gun laws breeds uneducated, unmarried, unprosperous, and unemployed intimidators who will take what you have because they have nothing to lose.Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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