Republicans are Playing Politics with Prisoner of War

Republicans are Playing Politics with Prisoner of War Sgt. Bergdahl did what 99.99% of Americans refused to do; he volunteered to fight in Afghanistan. Yet this multiple tour combat veteran, POW is on trial in the cowardly media for serving his country. After five years of openly negotiating for the last U.S. prisoner of the Afghan War, scandalmongers are vilifying President Obama for “rushing arrangements.” Sgt. Bergdahl’s military service should not be on trial, instead we should be mocking Republican bottom feeding to regain political power. Scandals are what a political party creates when it wants to obscure the fact that it has absolutely nothing to offer the American people. Since the Republican Party has done no work for the American nation, offered no substantial legislation and instead, for the past seven years, created scandal after scandal, Republicans have become known as the party of mud. Playing in mud is only important to gossips. Bringing prisoners home is not about ignoring Congress, it’s about using politics to make a black man look weak. Gossips turn trivial topics like Monica Lewinsky into high treason and leave soldiers who serve their country in time of war to fend for themselves. Soldiers, however, are only heroes when they serve the Republican Party cause. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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