We are Primates

We are Primates

We are primates with bodies much like other animals; a head with sensing devices, a brain to analyze and manage, four limbs for locomotion, a heart to nourish, lungs to breathe, nerves for communication, and systems that interconnect. We have an outer skin that contains us, a skeleton for support, muscles that activate motion, and glands that service our bodily needs.

We are primates much like other animals, but we differ too. More than a third our brain is given over to powering our sense of vision. Vision, in turn, has given our brains the power of learning to describe the world around us in an instant and on-going fashion and powered our mental acuity to new intellectual levels.

Visual description tells us about the world around us in a way that allows our entire bodies to use this information to instant advantage. From visual description our brains have learned to visualize the world in thought that has led us from grasping branches to walking upright, using precision tools, and imaginatively planning.

Visual description has forced our gregarious nature to learn to compete for solutions, to find alternative social response to the constant pressure of social contact, and to coalesce for the purposes of group benefits outdistancing all other animals in the arms race of survival.

Visual description has given rise to complex thought and abstract reasoning, to language, and the mentalese that models the world in the mind’s eye and allow us creative solutions to problem solving.

We are primates. Not the end product of evolution nor the by-product of random change, but the branch of living creatures with that has developed its natural visual acuity into a totally new device, the human intellect.

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