State of Georgia cheers liberty to kill fellow citizens

State of Georgia cheers liberty to kill fellow citizens:  The Georgia legislature has legalized “guns everywhere” and Georgians cheered. How shameful. In Georgia guns can now be openly carried in churches, schools, taverns, government buildings, crowded stadiums, and alcoholic festivities. Some dude can park his automatic assault weapon next to you while you’re eating breakfast at McDonalds. Don’t’ be surprised diving through Georgia when some drunken cowboy points his gun at your kids and threatens them as ‘Damn Yankees.” Guns everywhere” is a scene out Pulp Fiction, proof positive that Georgians are still plagued by immature dreams of “fight’n for their rats (rights) and “the South’s gonna rise again.” Cowering behind a deliberately ignorant interpretation of the 2nd Amendment, the white, male-only Georgia legislature has declared, “We’re Georgians, not really Americans after all.” Guns everywhere is illogical, irrational, and immoral. Guns on the streets is freedom for gun owners to shoot anybody, anywhere, anytime. Guns on the streets is the worst news for children since the last public school children massacre. Look out! NRA propaganda is turning America into a self-police state. Don’t tell me guns defend the law. The rule of law can defend itself. A gun in an ignorant hand is blatant intimidation; a playground world of “mine is bigger than yours.” More guns, pure and simple, is more deaths. The U.S. is already the death capital of the world: The public has ten times more guns than the military and police combined. A gun in anyone’s hand is murder waiting to happen. No one can be trained or have the military experienced to deal with an all out, unexpected panic. For every claim of a life protected by a gun, the law could have done the same, and for every one saved, ten innocent lives average being snuffed out over what? So some dude could parade his liberty to kill. But if you have lived around folks who think of the civil war a tribute to a lost cause then it is obvious that guns in Georgia are not about protection, but about insecurity and ignorance, and some childish idea of honor. When you are not mature enough to live by the law, you make excuses and blame others for your own faults. “Fight’n for our rats” may be nostalgic for good ole boys, but it is not what most of us call an American value.  Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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