Culture of Violence

Culture of Violence: America’s culture of violence is so pervasive it is overlooked as a public health hazard of epic proportions. For hundreds of years, tens of thousands of Americans have been needlessly killed by guns, every year, year after year. Gun violence has gotten to the point where sadly most Americans are indifferent, immune to the danger, insensitive to the destruction, and intolerant of regulations, as if restrictions are the cause of problems and not the solution. Gun violence is killing hundreds of our own children and arming them to kill themselves. Vigilantism is paraded and worshiped while the rule of law is debased and ridiculed. Intimidated by the NRA, reasonable people consistently reject common sense gun safety and willingly blindfold themselves to the deaths of their neighbors. Let us get one thing straight, gun safety is not about hunting, not about gun collecting, and not about sportsmanship. Anti-gun agitation is about gaining political power. Concern that every gun regulation leads to gun elimination is irrational fear mongering. Second amendment rights are as phony as the tooth fairy. The purpose of carrying a gun in public is to intimidate your neighbor. A good man with a gun is a killer waiting to happen. Carrying a gun in public makes you stupid. You stop thinking of better options. A gun doesn’t want options. The only fact that really counts when guns are carried in public is both you and I are in greater danger. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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