“People Killer” Chamber of Commerce

“People Killer” Chamber of Commerce:  The State Chamber of Commerce is a major force for legislation that ends up harming the public at taxpayer expense. Each year thousands of employees become ill and many die from work related accidents, but instead of supporting safety legislation that increases worker productivity and decreases taxpayer costs, the CofC zero’s in on “Job Killer” legislation that hurts workers and promotes profits. To the CofC any paycheck is better than safety. To the CofC a few minor rule violations are inconsequential. So what that a breadwinners loses a finger or a toe, spend a life spitting coal dust, or lives a few years less, as long as investors vacation in style. The 13,000-member CofC is currently eyeing 26 “People Killer” bills to pander as “jobs for an emerging economy.” The CofC isn’t fooling any responsible thinking taxpayer. Regulations matter. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA

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