Mississippi Legislates Girls are “Dirty.”

Mississippi Legislates Girls are “Dirty.”  New Mississippi state laws teach sex by calling on students to pass a piece of unwrapped chocolate around the room to show how dirty a girl is after she has been “used.” Mississippi has one of the highest teen pregnancy rates, almost double the national average. Access to contraceptives is low in the land of, “Just say no.” So-called moral value drugstores won’t sell condoms to minors. High poverty, low education, ingrained irrational beliefs and determined ignorance combine to force females to grow up believing they are of secondary value, especially when it comes to sex. Tea Party politics flourish in backwaters where rural whites live a century behind. Deeply religious conservatives intimidate and outright force everyone to believe as they do. Sex-Ed focuses on condom failure with outright lies. What their bible says determines what school boards dictate. Maligning young girls and women represents a powerful culture of inbred male supremacy. In response to criticism what you’ll hear any decent white folk tell you is, “That’s the way we live in Mississippi. If you don’t like it you can live somewhere’s else.” Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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