One person, one vote!

One person, one vote¡  “I don’t think $3.5 million is a heck of a lot of money?” says Justice Scalia, as his idea of “proof” that wealth does not corrupt elections. Using the Judicial branch of government to overrule the Legislative branch, Scalia’s activist Court has overturned 40 years of Congressional rule under the post–Watergate, Federal Election Campaign Act, which limited contributions and forced disclosure of donator names. “Money is free speech,” the NeoCons claim. Interpretation of law supercedes legislation. By setting itself up to overrule Congress and the will of the people and by arrogantly dictating the ephemeral will of the Constitution, justices like Scalia are making the Law. Moreover by ending Laws made by Congress that have held sway for the over forty years, the NeoCon Court is throwing out the longstanding rule of precedent and breaking the Law. In 2006 Bush appointed Alito and the NeoCon Court began its reign. Under the fanciful premise that “corporations are people,” the NeoCon Court freed corporations for unlimited election spending. In 2008 Tea Party candidates suddenly sprung up financed by corporate funding. In 2010 PAC money poured into election coffers with no names on the checks. In 2012 gambler billionaires openly courted and bought candidates for the Presidency. In 2013 the Koch brothers began buying small elections for the purposes of gerrymandering state legislatures into Republican majorities. Now in 2014 the NeoCon Court has upped the ante and anyone can give $3.5 million without disclosing their name. By legalizing power for the wealthy, the NeoCon Court’s is allowing less than 1% of America to take charge of the 99%, 310-million, rest of us. Has the NeoCon Court overreached its Constitutional authority? Is $3.5 million in silent money really nothing more than a free pass to political corruption? Money should never be more important than one person, one vote. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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