Public outcry over NSA is misdirected

Public outcry over NSA is misdirected: Private data gathering corporations have tons of information on every American citizen. Axciom alone has 200 million Americans on file. Epsilon says they will show what they have on you, but not everything. How would you know what they don’t show you? There are hundreds of data mining companies––not to mention data giants like Google and Facebook. They have more personal information on private citizens than all the public spy systems in the world. Private data mining companies fervently proclaim they don’t sell personal data, but try to read, understand, and then ask questions about their personal privacy policies without league of lawyers. While the public whines about Big Brother looking over its shoulder, the gathering of personal data by private companies has become one of the world’s major growth industries. Private industry has your medical problems, rape record, sexual preferences, weirdo friends, questionable purchases, hidden debts and those questionable books you have read. Everything up for sale one way or the other to the highest bidder. Private hackers may even have you on film watching you through your own computer camera. Websites have you listed, profiled, email followed, logged in and logged out, subscribed and unsubscribed. Smart phones know where you’ve been, whom you’ve talked to, your regular movements, and where you go when you think no one is looking. On line searchers have your bank accounts, assets, hidden money, bankruptcies, judgments, defaults, that private off-shore account, and where you probably stashed your emergency slush fund. Hello NSA whiners! Any of you ranting and raving over private corporations perverting, sorting, categorizing, and selling you out for thirty pieces of silver? You can’t wait to go on line to tell people your deepest secrets. Private industry knows more about us than we know about ourselves and yet we can’t wait to complain about government. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.


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