“Entitled” upper middle class versus “Moochers”

“Entitled” upper middle class versus “Moochers”                   There are an overabundance of spoiled Americans with a temperament of grievances, little sense of national obligation, and an exaggerated sense of entitlement for their own prerogatives. They work hard, raise families with attention and care, are involved in local and professional activities, but are unable to find any feelings of duty to the less fortunate. They come from good homes, with parents who helped them with studies, found jobs by a peer contacts, and excelled by virtue of a sound childhood on upon which to build. They went to good schools, with decent teachers, and socialized with others like them. They live a life filled with so many prerogatives they take them for granted, feel entitled to them, and assume everyone else has had similar opportunities.  They succeed because they fit the system. Unfortunately the American society does not accept the unfortunate. In fact, the “entitled” upper middle class believes that anyone unsuccessful is a failure and a loser. “Entitled” Americans are more than ready to refer to the poor as “moochers,” totally denying success is a result of institutionalized upper class welfare. While patting themselves on the back, the “entitled” ignore the handicap of growing up with a single parent, needy siblings, little food, minimal clothing, and no one to assist with homework. The “entitled” have no idea what is like to live burdened by infirmities, and denying themselves of medical care because it requires finding an emergency room. The “entitled” are clueless that working two jobs-when work is available–leaves no time and no money to further their education. The “entitled” ignore the drawback of constant cultural obstacles like the wrong color of skin and have little idea what it is like to survive let alone succeed living in neighborhoods filled with poverty, crime, alcoholism, drug abuse, and low employment, spending each day running a gauntlet of anti-establishment attitudes, gangs, and truancy. Instead of maligning the accidentally poor, unlucky, and infirm, the unskilled, and the immaturity of disgruntled youth, the “entitled” classes need to recognize that opportunity is not equal. Women, blacks, immigrants, as well as the middle and lower classes have a harder road to travel. Society is rigged to perpetuate upper middle class welfare, while keeping the poor in their place for cheap labor. Perhaps it’s the “entitled” upper middle classes who are the real moochers?


Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.


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