The idea of ideas

The idea of ideas:  Ideas improve over time. New ideas, invested by the efforts of generations over centuries by smart people born afterwards, expand understanding and prosperity. Constantly battling against new ideas is the status quo and its staunch allies; ignorance, hate, intolerance, and self-righteousness. The problem with the fight over progress is that half the population has its eyes open to the new, while the other half is content with following tradition blindly. Consider how little difference exists between the concepts renovation and innovation. It is only a matter of tinkering to make improvements. New ideas are like tinkerers, always fiddling with existing technology, tweaking improvement. Tinkering to make things work better is an attitude not a trade. It is an atmosphere of exploration that generates the power of accidental invention. Roentgen’s X-Ray was not found while searching for a medical device. To make the future brighter, we need is an educational curriculum grounded on improving the job not getting one. We won’t change the culture of acceptance by repetition. We need teachers trained to reach out to student s who might succeed if engaged more deeply. Change is like pulling teeth for most Americans. It is interesting to note that along with scientific discoveries such as Anti-Matter and Dark Matter, science has recently discovered “Doesn’t Matter,” a human attribute found in brain matter that keeps people from easily accepting anything new. 

Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.


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