Self-Reliant Delusions

Self-Reliant Delusions


Bill “I-call-myself self-reliant,” O’Reilly sought to slander Obama as the “Nanny State President” during a guest interview, all the while totally oblivious to the fact that he has been feeding at the government trough all his life. Reared in Levittown, the first large-scale government housing project, O’Reilly is ignorant of the fact that the federal government subsidized his own family’s low cost housing, its low cost loans, and its exclusive white-only sales policy, excluding black American World War II veterans in order to maintain white ownership values. O’Reilly is typical of “I call myself self-reliant” Americans who could never have made it on their own if the government had not provided them with a free public education, police and fire safety, a military that put cheap oil in their cars, public disease control that formerly decimated people of his grandparent’ age, not to mention government’s national interstate highway system, and nation-wide network grid for electrical, water, and airspace. O’Reilly draws a total blank that 95% Americans rely on government for 60% of their homeownership equity, refunded annually as a mortgage tax deduction. The fact is O’Reilly-Americans are the real moochers, the biggest generation of “takers” chalking up government freebees for over sixty-five years. The “I call myself self-reliant” get so much stuff free they have learned to take government largesse for granted. Every day they cross government paved streets, use government owned airwaves to make phone calls, are protected at work by government safety, and kept from destitution by government worker’s compensation. Self-reliant O’Reilly? In a pig’s eye.  O’Reilly is a self-serving parade of ignorant BS raking in millions from a naïve audience just like him.


Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.


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