Whiners and Complainers

Whiners and Complainers: It is incredible that self-centered individuals complain about regulations while ignoring the abuses that cause legislation in the first place. Homebuyers, who cannot get loans now blame regulations instead of the criminal mortgage lenders who caused such laws to be enacted. The purpose of regulations is to keep abusers from raising costs for the rest of us. That some rules overburden buyers is the result of conservative meddling. The IRS has massive regulations because tax abuse is massive. Who complains most about IRS regulations; conservative tax abusers. Abusers have no ethics, no morals, and no self-control. Complainers and whiners don’t want to solve abuse they want less rules, which favor greater abuse. Regulations are an absolute necessity for a free society. If something is not right, fix it and stop complaining. Unregulated freedom is for third world dictatorships.  Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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