Buy now, pay now governance

Buy now, pay now governanceA spiteful public is cutting off benefits to workers who paid into their retirement fund regularly. Part of the employee compensation contract states that Government will set aside an annual share of revenues toward worker retirement. Not only have many cities squandered employee retirement funds and failed to make their own annual contributions, but they also have failed to anticipate operational costs. Now when retirees want the money they already paid into their accounts, the public wants take away those benefits. Critics argue that unions demanded too high salaries and too many benefits. Public employees argue being paid below private salary levels. In the end, contracts must be honored or the law is worthless. Deadbeat governments hurt retirees and the public. Taxpayers always want services. Politicians always want votes. It is a lot easier to provide services today and put off paying until tomorrow. As long as there are no rules and no repercussions, politicians will continue to make promises they can’t keep. The problem is how to get taxpayers to pay for what they ask for. The public purse is for all public services. Everyone pays into it and everyone benefits, directly or indirectly. You can’t argue that you don’t use someone else’s paved street. We need laws that demand all legislated public services require a compensating inviolable trust fund. A politician who campaigns under the banner of buy now––pay now may not be popular, but could turn out to be a public hero in the long run.  Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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