Some Americans distrust Democracy

Some Americans distrust Democracy                                                               Many communities across America are made up of hardworking, church going, god-fearing regular people. They are responsible adults, attentive parents, active in local affairs, and pillars of business and professions. They are respectable, upstanding citizens who vote regularly, detest crime, and donate to charity. They are fiercely loyal to their families, clubs, charities and congregations. But that is where they draw the line. Government is acceptable as long as it narrowly includes only people like themselves. The idea of prosperity for all to them is ridiculous. They believe the poor, the unemployed, and the urban masses made their own mess, should have known better, and deserve their fate. Alienated youth, displaced workers, and members of minority groups are somebody else’s headache. “To them, a government that asks its citizens to live within the bounds of resources is imposing on sacred freedoms. It is impossible for these “good folks” to see beyond their own prerogatives.  Prosperity for all only comes about at their expense. They really don’t trust the concept of a moral contract for Democracy. “We the people,” are words they mouth, while manipulating and exploiting others to sustain their own privileges. Freedoms are only about their own cherished needs. They don’t really believe in justice for all. In fact, social justice is something they confuse with Socialism. In his Gettysburg Address, Lincoln hoped the sacrifice of so many lives would breathe new life into the concept of “we the people,” yet a century and a half later we still are still polarized, resentful that others get their fair share in the prosperity of Democracy. 

Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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