Spiteful Patriots

Spiteful Patriots                                                                                                                               At a time when so many who worked all their lives without union wages, without union retirement, and without union support during hard times are jealously trying to destroy unions––would it not be better instead to give union workers a greater voice so that all Americans can share in prosperity? Workers­­––not industry, not business, and not entrepreneurs––make the American economy prosperous.  Individual workers not industry giants made America great. No worker’s union ever destroyed an economy like the Great Republican “two unfunded wars, an unpaid tax break for the rich and de-regulation of banking” Recession of 2008. No worker dysfunction unleashed the recessions of 1970 under Nixon, 1980 under Reagan, and 1990 under Bush. Destruction of worker/consumer confidence, unemployment, and ignoring consumer demand fueled these recessions. Program-cutting austerity held back the economic turnaround. Trillions are still sitting back waiting for more tax concessions. Every business person knows that workers make products and buy what is sold. No workers, no buyers. No business can operate without well-paid employees who generate consumer demand. No business can make a profit and grow without workers who bring home enough money to feed their family, send their kids to school, and have enough left over to buy products and services. Enough cow-towing to the monarchs of industry. Government research and development, government tax breaks, government start-up perks, and ongoing government support are essential to every industrial pursuit. Enough false homage misdirected to royal entrepreneurs. Business does not create jobs, consumer demand does. No one person starts, operates, and succeeds without workers, consumers, public resources, and pure unadulterated luck. Even Luck is less a matter of preparation than class advantages and access to wealth. Most businesses fail. When a business fails it doesn’t fail because of high wages, it fails because of a lack of demand. Yet, when a business fails it is the wage earner, not the owner, who suffers most. Just because business owners are incompetent doesn’t mean workers, out of a job, are failures. If America can give trillions to corporations, businesses and industries, surely we can give voice to the needs of those who do all the work? Enough with voting like spiteful neighbors. Rise or fall, we are in this together. All workers are worth their due. Just like powerful corporations, America needs powerful worker unions in order to succeed.  Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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