Bull Baiting the 2nd Amendment

Bull Baiting the 2nd Amendment                                                    During the past two hundred and thirty years Congress has passed gun laws confirming that the 2nd Amendment was strictly for the defense of the country in case of a foreign invasion. Enacting the will of the people repeatedly, Congress passed laws restricting gun usage without “infringing” on the constitutional issue of the “people’s right to bare arms.” For over one hundred years the NRA––founded in 1871–– supported these same Congressional laws restricting gun sales as reasonable gun safety. Prior to 1970 the NRA always claimed itself to be a “sporting and hunting” association.  Beginning in 1970, however, under the new leadership of ultra conservative, NRA president David Keene, the NRA turned from recreation to ‘take-no-prisoner’ politics. Keene ousted the “recreational” leadership, moved to Washington, DC, established a powerhouse lobbying institute financed with billions donated by intimidated corporate businesses, and then proclaimed that the 2nd Amendment guaranteed “individuals the right to bear arms on the street” and “gun safety was an attack on a constitutional right.” Since the beginning of this nation, the Supreme Court has limited guns to recreation and hunting, mocking those who tried to substitute vigilantism for law. Supreme Court Justice Berger deemed, “an individual right to carry a gun is the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on the American public.” In 2010, however, a Bush-packed, politically activist, conservative court reversed an entire history of congressional legislation with an opinion majority of one. Since then citizens have been using guns to intimidate legislation against gun safety regulations that 90% of the public thinks is simple common sense. Keene’s NRA tactics are jamming local ballot boxes with bull-baited votes. “They (government) are trying to take your guns away,” declares Keene repeatedly. “Any candidate for gun safety, the NRA will take him down.” America has more guns than any nation in the world. Massacres over the past decades are driving up guns sales. But the increase gun sales are not to new owners, but additions to existing arsenals. Whites proportionately own five times more guns than other races.  Where are we headed? A society that lives by the gun dies by the gun.


Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.


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