A Contract with Democracy

A Contract with Democracy                                                         Democracy is a contract of you as an individual to pay from your own means into the common purse for the common good of all. Taxes are how we fulfill our part of the contract with Democracy. Just as insurers pay into a general fund, taxes serve to meet the needs of the individual and the nation. You don’t get to say you won’t pay taxes for a bridge you do not use anymore than you can say you won’t pay for insurance that covers only what men need and not women. You might be surprised, but most individuals are pretty good about paying their taxes. It is the corporations who are colossal tax cheaters. What makes it worse, corporations spend the billions they save cheating on their taxes to finance smoke and mirror accounting to hide whatever taxes they still might have to pay. There is nothing wrong with avoiding taxes. We are talking about tax cheats. Corporations which deliberately hide the fair share of taxes they owe for being part of a country bounty. Corporations which do not pay taxes taxes in order to gain a price advantage over competition. Corporation tax cheats are depriving the common good and on top of that they are causing you the responsible tax payer to pay for their advantage. It is these same corporate tax cheats that fund the political campaigns designed to generate outrage over taxes they don’t pay anyway. Few corporations ever decide to invest or not based on taxes. Those who threaten to leave unless taxes are lowered are pulling the wool over your eyes. If they left they would lose market share to their competitors. The onus in taxes is on us the taxpayers. It is our job to ensure congress works for the common good and not just for those who elect them. Sure legislators have an obligation to the home crowd, but they are also part of the contract with democracy. We elect representative to government to serve our interests and those of the nation. This is not the United State of Georgia or Mississippi, or Alabama. We are citizens of the United States of America contracted to Democracy. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.


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