Is the Tea Party seeking Secession?

Is the Tea Party seeking Secession? When Congress finally agreed to lift the debt ceiling many predicted investors would applaud. The deal to avoid default while preserving corporate tax loopholes and avoiding a tax hike on the wealthy was a clear victory for Republicans, traditional allies of Corporate America.  So far investors have spent weeks dumping stocks, and instead of investing, corporations are busy buying back their own stocks. PS, Majority leader, Mitch McConnell was euphoric, “there will be no more clean debt ceiling increases in the future,” he stated unequivocally. That folks, was back in August 2011. No compromise is still alive and kicking October 2013. For two years Republicans have been waging all out war taking the debt-ceiling crisis hostage as a political weapon to get what failed to achieve in elections and legislation. Threatening government shutdown is pandering to the Tea Party who openly professes that cutting government is good because they don’t want it interfering in local power. A game of chicken is the Tea Party answer to running the world’s largest economy. Manufactured crisis after crisis is the Tea Party solution to millions of families hurting for food and millions of workers unemployed. One calamity after another. “We are fight’n for our rats,” claimed a rebel flag-waver. Republicans are running scarred of being primaried by their own party. The Tea Party may be a minority, but they are vocal, die-hard recalcitrants. Those who prefer crisis to compromise, however, are also the most unAmerican. Advocates of austerity believe that a criminal act in the name of smaller government is not a crime. Tea Party unthinking iconoclasts fail to recognize that all small governments are third-world, wealthy cliques, devastating to personal freedoms. Back in colonial times the original tea partiers were back street hoodlums. Today’s Tea Party is still a mob of villains who disdain the rights of others for the few like them––and perhaps no different than secessionists a hundred years ago yearning for the self-inflicted bliss of a separate nation. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.


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