Congress reflects you.

Congress reflects you.                                                                  We elect representatives to government to serve our interests and those of the nation. Congress reflects the people it represents. Approval of Congress at 11% is the lowest in history, yet 44% of Gallup Polls shows we approve of our own representative.  What we don’t like is the rest of Congress. Why? Because they have different interests. Legislators are doing their job. That’s Democracy. Disapproval of Congress is disapproval of Democracy. How can we mock someone for doing their job? What we need to do is look in the mirror and mock our own prejudices. Congress, by its very nature, can never rise above the culture it represents. Congress is no different than the voters who elect it. GOP legislators who lash out at Obamacare as fascism are no different than GOP legislators who lambasted Roosevelt’s New Deal as Nazism. All Congress can do to raise its approval rating is to compromise. If Congress is to do its best for the nation it must compromise. What we should be mocking is extremism. Uncompromising principles are bad for America. Just because parents, teachers, church, authority figures praised principles as good, doesn’t mean you should not compromise. If you believe in America for all Americans compromise, not stiff-necked principles should be your guide. If we have to deride something, lets condemn the nonsense of extremism. It is absurd to compare Obamacare to the end of the world. Anyone who hates Obamacare so much hates Democracy. 


Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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