FOX attempts to emasculate America

FOX attempts to emasculate America 


According to the mavens of misanthropy at FOX, Putin’s peace offer to dispose of Syria’s’ poison gas castrates the United States. Like schoolyard instigators, FOX mocks a peaceful solution to war as “stealing America’s lunch money.” The real danger is trash-talk show listeners who deride peace-hungry Americans as “feckless” for preferring thoughtful deliberation rather than mindless aggression. We don’t need endless war. We don’t want to police the world. We can’t end our own mass murders. What moral right do we have to bomb anyone? Insecure provocateurs at FOX who constantly moan, “we’re exceptional,” are merely con artists sucking money from naïve listeners by appealing to their baser natures. Worthwhile leadership lies only in finding peaceful solutions. America should only lead by example. The Middle East and Muslims may be FOX’s enemy, but they are not yours and mine.  Compared to both, however, FOX’s promotion of endless war is the greater danger. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.


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