One-party government?

One-party government? As of today, and probably for the near future, we have only a one-party government. The Democrats are at least trying. Tea Party-coerced-Republicans want no government at all. Republicans offer nothing; nothing new, nothing better, no progress, no reform, only a quivering mass of anxiety-ridden status quo. To Republicans the failure of America is a better alternative then improvement, certainly better than fixing those same problems Republicans have already learned to live with. If were up to Republicans we would still have six day, sixty hour work weeks, child labor, no pensions, no time off, no work safety, no injury compensation, no sick pay, no minimum wage and the low wages of a third world country. The only Republican virtue in business is cutting costs; the only goal, increasing profits. The Republican business plan is to make the wealthy richer and keep employees poor. Every voice that claims capital creates business, business creates jobs, and entrepreneurs generate a good economy is a gun for hire. If you believe talk show hosts paid to entertain with lies, it’s your own fault for listening and believing. No business, no wealthy person, no capitalist ever does anything for society unless they get a kick back. If you listen to the hacks that promote wealth and the Republican way of life, you are listening to those who thrive on the blood, sweat, and tears of hard working labor. Republicans have demonstrated their truest colors under the Obama years; let the economy fail, ensure heathcare reform fails, and let immigration reform fail by default. Only if and when Obama fails can Republicans return to national political power. Republicans are so dedicated to failure, they are willing to allow one-party government rather than accept a black man as President. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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