Affordable Care Act is affordable if Republican half-lies fail.

Affordable Care Act is affordable if Republican half-lies fail.


The Affordable Care Act is law. The Republican House cannot refuse to fund the law.  The only way Republicans can destroy health care reform is to make sure it turns out unaffordable. Like “Birthers” lied about Obama’s citizenship and Bush lied about Iraq, Republicans are spreading half-lies about reform in hopes that believers back home will refuse to participate. Affordable health care is based on numbers. The more insured, the lower the individual cost.  Signing up all American for private health care insurance is good for the economy and good for morality. Spreading half-lies to make the insurance mandate sound like its in disarray only serves to empower Republican politics. In the 2000s, health care costs rose an average of 9% each year. Under Obama average health care increases have slowed 50%, an average of 4% per year. Republican half-lies that “costs are going up,” fails to point out the slower 4% instead of 9%. Believers hear only what they want to hear and the Republican chorus decries reform as a disaster. State insurance premiums are already lower in states with the ACA Insurance Exchange.  Republicans claim their premiums are still high, but fail to point out that they do not participate in the Exchange. Reforms like the ACA won’t work if enough people are persuaded by half-lies not to participate. The biggest risk to affordable health care is that Republicans back home will believe only what their authority figures tell them. The old saw applies to conservatives, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.” Conservatives are willing for everyone else to suffer for what only they believe in even if they too end up suffering.  Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.


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