Republicans are killing the Golden Goose.

Republicans are killing the Golden Goose.


Average employees are the true job creators. Demand is the fuel that fires the U.S. economy. Workers/Employees both make and buy all products and services. Good jobs and good wages create demand. Demand creates prosperity. Since Henry Ford declared he would pay his workers enough to buy his cars, the business world has understood that the economy is directly proportional to consumer demand. Since the 1940s, good jobs and rising pay among middle class made America the world greatest economy. Employees––hundreds of millions making and spending money––not entrepreneurs, not wealthy risk takers––have been America’s real job creators. The problem is that conservatives are not willing to admit an error. There is no gridlock. Congress is a war zone where Republicans cling like wronged lovers to the failed idea of, “trickle down economics.” Wealth only drips growth between droughts. Consumer demand floods the  economy. Demand is the golden goose of a consumer society and Republicans are destroying the golden eggs with failed economics. Since 1973, wealth has outpaced wages, production leaped ahead of compensation, and the gap between rich and poor widened to a chasm. From 1940 to 1973 the middle class shared in America’s prosperity. Since 1973, production has risen 80% but wages are up only 10%, the bump due to women in the workforce. The average American pay today is the same as 1973. At the same time, corporate profits and compensation has quadrupled. The fact that Republicans are willing to kill demand is not only bad policy; it is bad business, and bad morality. Over three trillion dollars available to jump start the economy sits idle by while corporations rake in record profits, CEO’s are rewarded for failure, and the gap between rich and average goes viral. Why are Republican willing to kill the golden goose for short terms profits? Why do Republicans say they won’t vote for investments until the President halts heathcare reform? Why do Republicans march in ranks to accomplish absolutely nothing, while the average American family suffers? Why, because a recession doesn’t hurt the wealthy. Austerity is the same old mistaken solution that has devastated the middle class throughout history. Wealth can afford to shut its windows to the sobs of those in need. Average workers will never reach the prosperity of pre-1970 until wages catch up to production. Beware of austerity. Republicans want to cut back, hunker down and wait it out. Rich folks can afford it, the average joe cannot. We must elect representatives who believe progress not in regress.


Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA


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