Republicans faulted for food stamp proliferation.

Republicans faulted for food stamp proliferation.


According to the conservative Heritage Foundation “the failure of GOP controlled states to enact tougher enrollment standards” is the main reason for the proliferation of Food Stamps. Food stamps are provided to Americans who lack the funds to buy food. 90% of food stamp recipients live below the poverty line, and 55% of these are below 50% of the poverty line.  Food stamps have proliferated since 2008 for two main reasons: 1. Millions of Americans lost their jobs due to the Great Republican Recession.  2. States where Republicans control the legislature and governor pay contractors to scour the countryside enrolling food stamp applicants so they can get more government monies. 80% of food stamp recipients live in areas of the country controlled by Republicans.  213 of the 254 regions that voted for Romney fell into the category of people living below the poverty line. Romney called them, “the 47% moochers.” The federal government pays for the program, but states get to distribute the monies, and greedy legislatures and governors are the biggest enrollers of food stamp families in order to obtain federal subsidies. Conservatives, who attack food relief for desperate families out of work, are the same people whose representatives are generating the proliferation of food stamps. Liberal states like California have so many rules and restrictions that less than half those eligible are on the rolls. Conservative states like Tennessee, fearing public backlash, simply avoid political controversy and set up few restrictions with no monitoring because discussion is a political buzz saw. With a record of less than 1% fraud, the issue is: let Republicans hide and slide or call them out as users and abusers. If Republicans hypocrites only followed California’s restrictions, the Food Stamp program would be cut in half overnight. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA

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