Affordable Care Act; good for business, good for public health

Affordable Care Act; good for business, good for public health


Despite the millions of dollars spent by Republicans to kill healthcare reform, the ACA is enrolling more Americans in lower cost health insurance, putting more Americans to work, and working hard to fix America’s poor healthcare system. Most of the world’s advanced nations have better healthcare and hospital systems, lower healthcare costs, and longer life spans than the United States. Many more Americans cross the border to Canada or Mexico, or travel to Europe and Southeast Asia for cheaper, better healthcare than come to the U.S. In fact the only people coming to American hospitals are those wealthy enough to pay for special practices. The Republican anti-health care reform campaign is actually hurting the American economy, but Republicans would rather the nation fail than lose power by allowing compromise governance. Here are the basics. 1) More people with insurance means lower prices because costs are shared among greater numbers. ACA has added 30 million Americans (out of the 50 million) who previously were not covered by insurance.  2) ACA has added 2.5 million whose parents are now covered until their children reach the age of 26.  3) ACA means insurers can no longer deny coverage for pre-existing conditions, nor 4) cancel insurers if they become ill.  5) ACA rewards doctors who provide preventative medical care instead of focusing on costly hospitalization. Republicans offer no alternatives, only lies, misinformation and ignorant rationalizations. Medical expenses are already going down in thirty-five states that have adopted ACA expanded medical care. Insurance rates are already lower in states, which have published insurance exchange lists. Americans should not have to rely on small businesses to cover employee insurance. Health care is more important than profit. The rest of the world is far ahead of America in healthcare. We don’t need selfish, ignorant, intolerant, greedy custom and tradition. We need to solve our healthcare problems not ignore them.  Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA


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