Republican Schoolyard Games

Republican Schoolyard Games 


Generally speaking, people consider reform is good. If you are one of the new “conservatives-only-allowed” Republicans, reform means the nemesis “change.” And change terrifies Republicans––even if the legislative changes are those previously proposed by Republicans. Fearful of being proven wrong about the Affordable Care Act, Republicans have become schoolyard bullies out to trash the law by misinformation, obfuscation, innuendo and outright lies. Just as Romney envisioned President Obama as an Eastwood fantasy character, conservatives have created a fantasy Obamacare as a straw that exists only in their warped imagination that can easily be demolished. To No-compromise Republicans their fantasy Obama is an empty chair inhabited by a demon who issues mystic incantations to snooker god-fearing Americans. Contrary to billionaire Koch brothers’ rhetoric, however, the Affordable Care Act actually allows every patient to choose their own doctor. Contrary to Tea Party darling, Eric Cantor (R.VA) reform is not hurting the job market but adding thousands of new jobs. Contrary to Republican fantasy American Mom Julie, healthcare already costs Americans less as shown by statistics released by the State of California. Romper Room Republicans need to be part of the fix instead of the problem. Voting 40 times to kill healthcare reform shows Republicans don’t want change.  A me-only selfish America is a childish America. Jesus told you that when he grew up he put away childish things. Nappy hour is over. Time to grow up.




Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA


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