Republican focus on failure


Republican focus on failureIt is obvious that Republican leaders firmly believe that the only way to regain political power is through national failure. Since 2008, Republicans have failed at every attempt to keep the economy poor to ensure Obama was a one-term president. Since the passage of the Affordable Healthcare Act, rather than fix problems, Republicans have campaigned to overturn reforms, hoping that political obstructionism would work where voting power failed. The Republican effort to persuade corporations not to hire workers, complaining that reform quirks were not yet resolved, was soundly thwarted when the President extended compliance time requirements. Tea Party threats to halt payment of the national debt almost caused the largest economy in the world to default, yet that failed as well. It appears Republicans will go to any lengths; “nuclear options, fiscal cliffs, and national default in order to return to power. Such self-centered elitists who refused to compromise were around in colonial times as they are today. Me-Americans ignore the “for all” part of prosperity and view freedom as a means to prey on the weak so parochial beliefs can prosper. Moderate founding fathers like John Dickerson, Robert Morris and James Wilson saw at the birth of our nation that some Americans would never ratify justice “for all.” Fortunately the more radical founders prevailed. To form a more perfect union, however, we must create a Fait Accompli of the constitutional rights for all. If the great American Constitution is to be preserved and the even greater American Experiment is to succeed––failure is not an option. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA

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