No-Nothing Republicans

No-Nothing Republicans

Endless war in the guise of Defense is what the Republican House does instead feeding hungry children. Thirty-nine meaningless votes to end healthcare reform is how Republican legislators spend your tax dollars instead of generating new jobs. Crusades against imaginary threats are Rand Paul’s bandwagon to the white house. “Illegal aliens in my office,” is Rep. Steven King’s response to avoid voting on immigration reform. “Taxpayer War on Christianity,” headed by Ron Paul, and “Obama Cash to Karzai,” alleged by Sen. Corker dramatize how powerless Republican legislators act like showoff teenagers just to attract attention instead of getting real jobs. The complex U. S. tax system and the convoluted IRS are the direct result of corporate tax scams and tax dodges for the wealthy––yet Republican Darrel Issa holds failed hearing after hearing to distract the public from the corporate tax cheats he represents. Constant showdowns, ultimatums, and nuclear options, repeated over the past eight years, are Republican-manufactured crises, publicized by corporate wealth to obscure their avoidance of doing the work of the American people. Ask anyone who praises anti-progress. They will tell you they don’t want no government, no how, no way, no nothing. If you want a better America, get active and make your voice known. Vote the no-nothing Republicans out of office.

Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA

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