Republicans feast on desperate American families

Republicans feast on desperate American families


Food stamps––a derogatory term used by conservatives to attack food relief for desperate families out of work due to the Republican Great Depression––is being chopped by the Republican House to fatten farmers already rich from subsidy welfare. The ten top farm subsidy states receive over $170 billion dollars annually for doing nothing. Meanwhile the Republican House has voted that money to pay these subsidies will be taken from the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program, which funds food stamps for the unemployed and children’s lunches at schools. The average food stamp meal is a meager $1.47, and yet Republican congressmen, whose families own huge farms and receive millions in welfare from Republican House controlled congressional committees––have voted to cut minimal SNAP benefits––not so farmers can “stay afloat” in hard times––but so millionaires can continue to fatten their annual profits. California Republican Rep. Doug LaMalfa whose family rakes in millions in farm welfare, complains food stamps are out of control, having doubled since 2007. Yet it is LaMalfa’s Republican party, who put these workers on the streets, that now has the gall to snatch food from their children’s mouths so their farm family can pork out on bigger profits. Tennessee Rep. Steven Fincher, of Fincher Farms receives billions in farm subsidies, complains Clinton opened the door by cutting paper work. What Clinton really did was reduce government expenses while turning over to states the right to determine eligibility.  The flood of food stamps is tied to the recession. Republicans who demand entitlements for their own personal benefit have little regard for workers out of a job due to their party’s negligence. When you hear Fox’s “entertainers” making fun of food stamps, remember this example of how food taken from the poor and given to the rich under the guise of spending cuts by a House controlled by wealthy Republicans.  Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA


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