Tea Party Fiddles While Earth Burns

Tea Party Fiddles While Earth Burns


Unrestricted smoke bellows from coal-fired power plants around the world due to lack of global environmental regulations. Meanwhile the Republican House of No––which failed to renew U.S. international environmental agreements––wasted its limited, valuable Congress time to vote for thirty-nine meaningless repeals of the Affordable Health Care Act.  Terrorizing fear of Tea Party pseudo patriots is fiddling with our political process under the un-American guise of “No-Compromise!!” Tea Party threats to unseat moderates are radicalizing Republicans under the ugly-American selfish banner, “Our way or the highway!” With all positive legislation now on permanent hold, Climate Change has slid to the back burner and carbon dioxide emissions are reaching tinderbox proportions.  According to the latest International Energy Agency report, Earth is on track for a worldwide temperature rise of 9.54 degrees by the end of the century. Compare that to the past 150 years––since the advent of the industrial revolution––when the average worldwide temperature rose a mere 1.8%. Carbon dioxide is the main impetus for the temperature rise. Coal burning power plants are the main source of CO2 emissions. In 2012 CO2 levels rose by 1.4%. Tea Party radicals, however, have blocked all legislation dealing with coal regulations and climate control. The environment, according to the Tea Party, is under the auspices of God. Man as earth’s caretaker is plainly to be ignored. With life after death more important than humanity on earth, the evangelist segment of the Tea Party is more interested in Armageddon than a reasonable attitude toward the environment. Guided by its increasingly anti-everything attitude, the Tea Party can be compared to the infamous self-absorbed Roman Emperor Nero, who, according to a foretelling legend, spent his time fiddling while Rome burned.


 Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA


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