Conservatives wrong about immigrant healthcare costs.

Conservatives wrong about immigrant healthcare costs. 


According to a Congressional Health Report, immigrants contribute an average of $14 billion more a year to the federal health program more than they use in medical services. People born abroad in 2009, for example, paid $33 billion in payroll taxes, but were responsible for only $19 billion in medical services. People born in the U.S. during that same period were responsible for a $31 billion dollar deficit. The surplus generated by immigrants, contrasts sharply with deficits caused by native-born Americans.  Most immigrants pay taxes, that business owners report, but these same immigrants are often afraid to use to attempt to use such medical services or are denied them based on lack of citizenship. As a result American citizens are benefits from the taxes paid by immigrants instead of paying for it themselves. The widespread assumption that immigrants drain public healthcare resources is a myth, according to Dr. Leah Zallman, Harvard Medical School. Policies that reduce immigration will actually result in fewer funds available to American citizens. Tea Party anti-immigrant policies are based on lies, hate, and ignorance.  The more we search for the truth, the more we uncover that immigrants are and have always been the lifeblood that makes America go and grow.




Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.


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